Tad A. Jameyfield

Introduction 1

With a click of the mouse and a move of the cursor, I hope to present you the knowledge and reasoning behind this portfolio up to the current time (midterm). Portfolios should, most defintiely, directly reflect the personality of the creator. Not every detail one the individual will be known, but a good portion of who they are, their values, morals, ethics, beliefs, and personality should shimmer through the metaphorical "waters" for the viewer to see and ponder over.

Studying ethnographic and intense attention to details, English 104 is a very enjoyable class. My first thought of this class was "Please don't suck," but after several classes and spending more time with Professor Williams, I understood she would appreciate thinking outside of the box and being as creative as one could be. One thing I do enjoy about course is writing during the class period.

Writing during the course period as a class allows my brain to relax and unwind by typing and expressing thoughts and opinions rather than trying to strain and pile drive mounds of information in my cranium during such a short period. I posted the Discussion Writings that I thought best portrayed my style and beliefs through writing. Both are short anecdotes of thought directly frommy brain, with no revisions or periods of break. I feel that reading past the words and looking at how the words flow together to swell into a common thought really can paint a picture with text.

With this same belief, I posted the Blog entries based on content and ability to portray my thought creatively as well as effectively. The entries contain grammatical errors, but I believe the blogs prove to be interesting and present my liberal beliefs. Blogging is a new concept to me. I find myself to be a more intrusive person, and outlet my thoughts through song writing and creative drawing, but now blogging opened a portal to writing. I feel blogging gets past the panned out thought process one cycles through in order to produce a work that is agreeable to everyone else but themselves found in papers and books, and allows writing to be personal and completely individualistic. Blogging is one way to write how you feel and leter reference those feelings towards a bigger project, so the feelings are not lost in the process of revising for the public's acceptance.

The primary work of this class is the ethnopraphic study of our chosen site, which is the Irving Gym Basketball Players in my case. These essays depict our sites and provide a good summary of the culture, sights, sounds, feelings, smells, and many other elements found at these sites. I provide an early draft with corrections made by my English 104 Professor to show the viewer the process of drafting in writing.

My main revisions are a few details cleared up, some sentence restructure, and most importantly, integrating myself into my work. I provide some background information about myself to let the reader understand why I find the players to be the way they are, or why the gym is filled with people who give the image of the gym to the public. By letting the reader know who I am, very slightly in my case, the reader can have a more insightful opinion of my work. I feel that creatively dropping facts about yourself throughout the course of a piece of work is more enticing and interesting for the viewer. Also, I like people to search for their own meanings in my work because not everyone reads and views something the exact same way. These revisions better my paper and ultimately will better my writing throughout my collegiate career and occupational career.

As far as this spring semester has currently been, I enjoy the course and find that writing comes very fluently to me. I am not just writing "sweet garbage" in hopes of a better grade. I enjoy the course and feel that by paying attention to metticulous details might not be so crazy after all. I feel since I am going to be paying this course and most of my courses off for a good majority of my lifetime, I better take all the knowledge I can, but more importantly just taking knowledge from the course, learning to apply this knowledge outside word documents and writing. By carrying this course's metticuluous details into my major, Architecture, I can hopefully see a design, pattern, or space I have never seen before, thus producing a memorable work and a sense of accomplishment.