Tad A. Jameyfield


In the Chicago suburb Munster, IN, I was born on January 27th, 1990. I grew up in Hammond, IN for most of my childhood and attended Catholic grade schools at Saint Catherine of Sienna and Our Lady of Grade. My family, which consists of my two brothers Evan and Brendan (Box is his nickname), mother Lisa, and father Sandy, moved to Highland, IN where they currently reside.

I grew up playing baseball and basketball and at an early age developed a skill for creative drawing and design. I would play with my K'nex toys like it was no one's business. I also was (and still am) a huge Chicago Bulls fanatic. My household was Chicago everything. My parents love the city and my dad loves all the sports, and yes he is both a Chicago White Sox and Cubs fan.

In grade school, I followed sports and found that I could run pretty fast and joined cross country in the 5th grade. At this time, I also started ska-punk band with my friends. My band continued to rotate members throughout middle school and into high school.

In middle school, I played basketball and ran cross country. In the 7th grade, my team, the O.L.G. Knights won 2nd place in the Diocesan Tournament in a showdown with rival team, Saint John Bosco. Also, I helped lead the Knights in the Diocesan Cross Country Meet win the entire race by coming in first for my team and 10th overall. After my 8th grade year, I was confirmed Catholic and bought my second guitar, a blue Fender Telecaster.

In high school, I played freshman basketball and found my interests in Cross Country and music more. I continued as the frontman for my band and played shows all over the Northwest Indiana area. I spent a majority of time running, writing, and performing songs in high school. I also became increasingly interested in the arts, and took many drawing and drafting courses.

I was inducted into the National Art Honors Society and created my very own Rube Goldberg machine in design processes. I highly enjoyed the design processes course.

My senior year I was the captain of the cross country team, had some good friends, placed first in my home meet, and helped lead the team to regionals. I learned a great amount of discipline from my teammates, former teammates, and my coach within this sport. My parents really pushed me my senior year to strive for college and for the College of Architeture and Planning at Ball State University.

I worked very hard my senior year to pull my grades up and was accepted into Ball State University but not to the College of Architecture and Planning. This setback did not sway my confidence and work ethic towards being accepted into the program. This was my dream since I was kid building custom roller coasters and towers out of K'nex.

I entered Ball State University last semester and quickly acclimated to college life. I enjoyed my own freedoms, but studied hard. After the first semester, I attained a grade point average of 3.86 and made the Dean's List. I also applied for a second time to the College of Architecture and Planning and was accepted into their prestigious first year program in the summer, or Accelerated Entry Program.

Currently, I am still working very hard in my studies, spending time with friends and famili, and playing guitar. I record some original work and i hope to put out a CD sometime in the next year. I hope this ethnographic study will motivate me to get back to the gym and start shooting some baskets...

Tad A. Jameyfield