Tad A. Jameyfield


"Work hard to acheive greatness, and let only your individual formulations run your impulses, and direct your passions only to better your life for you and others...or something like that."

-Tad A. Jameyfield


This site is created for those wishing to view my work as a student at Ball State University for English 104. I hope to illustrate not only pictures, places, and times with words, but meanings and reasons behind my reseach, opinions, and beliefs.

For a more in-depth analysis of my site please go to my Introduction 1 page, or a more detailed outline on my background, go to my Biography page.

Included in this site are my personal class work and some insight to who I am. This site will be edited and updated throughout the period of this course.

Within the site, you can view my assignments, which consist of several blog entries, discussion posts, and ethnography reports.

Also, the site provides you with introductions that explain the meaning of my portfolio. These introductions present the meaning of this site and why I have collected work to support this meaning.

Portfolios often contain the most exemolary work of the authors, and are, in most instances, complete. Several of my blog posts are not complete, however.

The amount of time the class alotted for each blog writing was not enough for me to complete my thoughts. This aspect of writing can display a human touch to the writing process to display that the process is indeed a work in progress.

Also, for the aforementioned reason, I will include an early draft of an essay.

Along with my works in progress, I will include finished writings that will further express my points from observations, thoughts, beliefs, and opinions.

My portfolio will hopefully enlighten the viewer through my assignments, blog entries, visual rhetoric, and writing and provide a sense of creativity through text.