Tad A. Jameyfield

Introduction 2

Seizing Opportunity

With a class always comes responsibility, whether you want to accept that fact or not. This class as provided me with enough freedom to totally enjoy what I am working on. I thoroughly enjoyed working on my project. I will not sit back and say that every moment was just amazing. No. There was hard times, writer's block, lack of motivation, and other factors that deter the design process of a project.

What you can expect from this newly updated website is plenty of my sweat, blood, and...just kidding. I feel that this website reflects my hardwork, but also includes a chunk of the old stone. My personality, that is not sarcastic at all (that is sarcasm kids), is woven in this mesh of weebly. This final project on the Field Sports Building just supports who I am even further.

The whole project was written through my eyes and fingers. I saw what was going on, perceived the information, and processed the information via computer or pencil and paper. I love to be able to express my opinion and view of a place. I am an aspiring architect, so places are of obvious interest, and being able to speak about the sociability in the place only increases my interest in architecture. I want to design buildings in which unique cultures, such as the gym I studied, can form and flourish.

Through English 104, I learned not only necessary rhetoric skills, writing skills, and more skills of the skill type, but how to apply what you learn to actuality. You will not approach life with a written test, but a blank piece of paper. You have to decide what goes on the paper and how to write the test in order to get a good grade. I am speaking metaphorically. When searching for a job, you must be able to have knowledge of the firm you are applying for, but also more importantly must "speak their language."

My blogs also represent the work I have underwent through english 104. The blogs reflect some group project work and readings I have done during the spring semester. Contrary to belief, I actually enjoyed reading and writing about topics unrelated to basketball. After some time, the topic will grow to be a tumor in the side of your shoulder. The change of pace was nice and gave myself more time to ponder clear thoughts on my final ethnographic study.

This class set my life up for that kind of event. I learned through this project to fight through laziness, to open my mind to other's perceptions, and get moving to find the truth out about the culture of the Field Sports Building. I enjoyed the class, had rough times with the project, but honestly carried through and felt I accomplished something. Despite what my grade may be, I figured, "I am interested in this topic, so lets go full steam ahead." I hope you all can see that this is not just final project, but my work in my mind layed down on a blank document.